Craft Revival Project

There is so much abundance of craft in India, that people often refer this country as a synonym to craftsmanship. There is absolute beauty in every corner of this country and we are so proud to be a part of this heritage. 

Over the years, owing to commercialisation and fast fashion, we have lost umpteenth craftsmen and art to time. One such wonderful art that we are losing to machines is the art of hand embroidery. We have always had a deep rooted love for surface work and hand embroidery. Our city, which is partially occupied by Muslims ( who mostly are the talented artisans) has seen a big displacement of talented artisans to bigger cities in search of better jobs. We have often witnessed sad stories of these artisans leaving their four generations old work to do something else because there is no work. 

Therefore, this project is an initiative to bring back the wonderful art of embroidery to our city and introduce the wonderful possibilities to the emerging designers. It is an ongoing project where we consult and develop surface work from sampling to production for emerging and independent designers. This is a two way project where we steer the artisans to keep on their jobs and help the emerging designers to develop embroidery at a competitive rate. We have worked with several designers across the globe to make surface development where we are always focused to bring exceptional quality and craftsmanship to forefront.  

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