We find charm in the eccentric and real, in the known and unknown, in the old and forgotten. A balance of contrasting elements where every piece is an embodiment of feminine | masculine, strong | soft and structure | fluidity. An exploration of Indian textile and handwork coupled with contemporary aesthetics, it is an ode to everything bizarre and beautiful in the world. The truest sense of quiet luxury that translates in each piece with the touch of human hand.

It is a story of craftsmanship, perfect imperfections of human hand and labor of love. Every piece is a magic of handcrafting with meticulous attention to details starting from weaving, cutting fabrics, crafting touches and hand finishing the garments.



The root of our brand is shaped through textiles and craftsmanship with a celebration of raw beauty of handwork.  The narrative begins in the villages of India where the fabric is handwoven by the old generation weavers who have traditional family run businesses.  All the pieces are hand dyed and may carry some imperfections which is a characteristic of the craftsmanship. 

Every piece from inception of design to final production is carried out in our studio with a slow production methodology and using minimum waste during production. The details like button hole, hemming, finish is done by hand by the women in our studio. We truly believe in the ideologies of slow living and therefore we make one piece at a time like it is truly made only for you.  



The pieces are crafted from high quality natural and mostly handwoven fabrics which culminates into simple and unpretentious design with a touch of human hand in every process. We work with weavers from across the country and bring the soft handwoven wool from Himalayas to regional checks of Madras.The buttons are made by the skilled artisans in the villages of Gujarat and Rajasthan out of recycled brass, horn, wood and other natural material. All our packaging material is made out of recycled cotton waste by the artisans in the town of Sanganer, Rajasthan. 

We make clothes that get better with time. They will age along with you, just as beautifully as you will. They are the pieces that pass down through generations and bring true joy to heart.

If you would like to learn more about our process and material, you can always get in touch with us via mail as we are always eager to share.