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Our Story

“We find charm in the eccentric and real, in the known and unknown, in the old and forgotten. The brand was founded in 2018 by two sisters with a belief that objects that are made by hand carries the soul of craftsmen who create the story. This an ode to you, to me, to them, to uneven, to outnumbered, to odd.”

“It is a balance of contrasting elements where every piece is an embodiment of structure and fluidity. An exploration of Indian textile and handwork coupled with contemporary aesthetics, it is an ode to everything bizarre and beautiful in the world. The truest sense of quiet luxury that translates in each piece with the touch of human hand.”

“The root of our brand is shaped through textiles and craftsmanship with a celebration of raw beauty of handwork. The narrative begins in the small villages of India where the fabric is handwoven by the old generation weavers who have traditional family-run businesses. We work with craft clusters around India to sustain the authenticity of the craft. The pieces are crafted from high quality natural and handwoven fabrics which culminates into simple and unpretentious design with a touch of human hand in every process.”

“The sole idea behind the brand is to celebrate the efforts behind the small acts. It can be the simple handmade brass buttons or hand-woven silk dress with your name embroidered on it. Everything culminates into a beautiful story that we tell through our clothing.”

“It is a movement towards mindful future in fashion with artisans at the heart of it. We work with different craft clusters exploring various art like Bandhini, Tie dye, Crochet which translates onto our garment. We believe true luxury is about a story to tell and the pieces that carry human touch."

“We believe true luxury is about a story to tell through the pieces. This is a snippet from our work atelier where all that is created with a sense of deep meditation.”